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My goal is to deliver honest storytelling of your wedding day with several goals in mind - To be genuine, devoted to realism, and faithful to your personalities as an individuals and as a couple. I document the openness you have with each other, your family and friends, and convey a visual message that resonates in your heart. 

I do not follow a checklist of pre-determined poses that reflect who I want you to be for the camera. You are not mannequins. You are living, breathing, energetic and vibrant beings. We work together to find genuine sincerity in every moment. I will direct you through the portrait session in a way that draws out your unique personality while also conveying an artful aesthetic.

Mentors and peers  describe my work as 'straddling the cinematic and photojournalism genre.' I look to frame you in both light and shadow. It is in our everyday life, and should be a central character in your story. It creates mood, depth, nuance, passion, mystery, contrast and harmony - just as in real life.

'One of the Best Wedding Photographers in LA'

Four years in a row since 2015, the world's largest wedding blog,, has named me as 'One of The Best Wedding Photographers of Los Angeles.'   I was humbled to be included in a list among a group of photographers who are doing some incredible work, re-shaping the wedding photography market and producing some of the most creative imagery in the industry today. Many of them are now good acquaintances, friends and mentors. has 3 million unique site visitors and 10 million page views per month. Thank you Zankyou!

Features & Contributions


Member of Fearless Photographers

In August of 2015 I was invited to join 'Fearless Photographers' - which is both an elite directory showcasing the 'Best Wedding Photography In The World'' and a tight-knit group that promotes professional improvement through regular online seminars, quarterly photo competitions and annual conferences to help educate and motivate one other to push the boundaries of our art.

We constantly strive to deliver 'wedding photos that will amaze you'. Thank you for all that you do to encourage and motivate, Fearless!


I recently completed a one year appointment as an Adjunct Photography Teacher at the Valley Torah, a prestigious all-girls private high school  in Los Angeles, where I mentored aspiring photography students in both introductory and intermediate photography course once a week. My classes were designed to help students tap into their creative expression and discover their voice as an artist. Click here to view some of their wonderful work, all captured on a smartphone.

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