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Between me and my two Associates, we shoot an average of 50 weddings per year. I limit myself to personally shooting 25 weddings per year, ensuring I deliver only the highest level of creativity and energy to my clients.

We frequently receive and book wedding dates more than a year out, so I encourage you to inquire early if you have a personal connection to our work!

All wedding packages include:

- Wedding coverage by Fitz Carlile or an Associate Photographer

- 40 to 50 curated images per hour of coverage

- Fully color adjusted, high-resolution, individually retouched images

- Private online gallery with embedded print lab engine delivering prints to your door

- In-person planning session if possible and desired

- Delivery of sneak peek photos within 24 - 48 hours of the wedding

- Full wedding delivery within 4 weeks

- No additional charges in the delivery or download of your high resolution images

- Full printing rights

- Wedding planning advice and best practices 

Fitz Carlile's Rates

7 HOURS - $3000 | 8 HOURS - $3300 | 9 HOURS - $3600 | 10 HOURS - $3900 | 11 HOURS - $4200 | 12 HOURS - $4500

Associate Photographer Rates

I have two very talented and experienced full time Associate Photographers on my team. My Associates have learned my wedding photography method and have worked under me for a minimum of 12 months in order to retain a strong consistency across the board. All editing and retouching performed exclusively by Fitz Carlile. When not on assignment, my Associates also double as my Second Shooters.

Rates: 6 hours - $2000 | 7 hours - $2200 | 8 hours - $2400 | 9 Hours - $2600 | 10 Hours - $2800 | 11 Hours - $3000 | 12 Hours - $3200

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This session is designed to capture intimate moments for couples in a creative  and organic way. The session is a great way to tell your story without the pressures of the big wedding day. This shoot provides you with images you can use for wedding invitations, save the dates, and entry way pieces on the wedding day.  All engagement packages include coverage by Fitz Carlile, A curated selection of 40-50 images per hour of coverage, color adjusted full size high resolution JPG files located on a private online ordering gallery. Delivery of photos within 2 - 3 weeks.  

1 HOUR - $400 | 2 HOURS - $600 | HAIR & MAKEUP $150

$100 rebate off Engagement Pricing if you book your wedding with Fitz Carlile Photography


If you're ready to make the biggest commitment of your life with the one you love, one of the greatest gifts you can give to your future fiance is a set of romantic, emotionally raw and powerful photos from your proposal. It is high on the list of 'awesome things my fiance did' and these photos will endure forever, guaranteed. There will always be a photo hanging in your house to remind you of that precise moment when you both committed to each other for the rest of your lives. These photos will take you back to that moment every time. A smile will crack, your heart will pound, your love will renew.

I help you plan, advise on possible locations, and arrive early at the location to text you with last-minute advice. I hide, blend in, look inconspicuous, and photograph the events as they transpire. Once you're engaged and the tears of joy begin to subside, I reveal my identity to your new fiance and we then proceed with a mini-shoot, much like a traditional Engagement session.

Rates: 30 Min - $350 | 1 Hour - $450 | 90 Min - $600

Rehearsal Dinners

If you prefer to have me photograph your rehearsal dinner instead of an engagement shoot. No problem! Same pricing and services as the Engagement Coverage. Expect beautiful photos of the location, your friends, family, atmosphere and food. 


JPG images that sit on your hard drive are always nice to have, but a wedding album is your first true keepsake as a couple together, as it will be passed down from one generation to the next. The joy you may experience when flipping through your parents' wedding album, or even that of your grandparents, is a gift that is truly timeless. I work with one of the premiere wedding album companies in the United States, so it's worth it to consider. It is an investment you will cherish forever.

$200 rebate off Album Pricing if you purchase during initial wedding booking

10" x 10" Hard Cover Heirloom Album (up to 20 spreads) -   $699

10" x 10" Hard Cover Heirloom Album (up to 28 spreads) - $850

12" x 12" Hard Cover Heirloom Album (up to 20 spreads) -   $850

12" x 12" Hard Cover Heirloom Album (up to 28 spreads) - $999

Parent albums are available for 40% off the Heirloom albums. It is a duplicate copy of the heirloom album, designed and curated by Fitz Carlile in collaboration with my clients, made in the U.S.A., with every album photo fully retouched. 

Destination Weddings

I frequently travel for weddings. The opportunity to travel outside of Southern California to locations that offer uniquely different geographies, venues, cultures and climates inspires my creative mind to look through the lens with a fresh and exciting perspective.

Additional travel and lodging fees apply to the above pricing based on location. I frequently travel for weddings, so please inquire! 

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