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Our Team of Photographers

I recruit emerging and established wedding photographers who show great talent and who have a cinematic style similar to mine to join my team as Associates on a case by case basis. They learn my method and work under me for a minimum of 12 months as a Second Shooter to develop a strong visual brand consistency.

I continuously share techniques and mentor my team to elevate their art and nurture their growth. All editing and retouching performed exclusively by Fitz Carlile. When not on assignment as a primary photographer shooting a wedding, my Associates usually fill in as my Second Shooters.

8 HOURS - $2700 | 9 HOURS - $3000 | 10 HOURS - $3300

Irida - Associate Photographer

Irida is a Los Angeles based wedding and fashion photographer. Whenever there isn’t a camera in her hands, she can be found drawing, spending time with family and friends or laying at the beach with a good book to read. Originally from Albania, Irida moved with her family to a suburb of Detroit at the age of 7. Having made Los Angeles her new home since early 2016, Irida has shown impressive talent and skill as a photographer, and her passion for both wedding and fashion has led to a style that blurs the lines between the two, giving her a very distinct look that is both romantic and edgy. She has a talent for capturing decisive moments and is inspired by the beauty in everyone she meets. She has photographed over 75 weddings in her career.

You can view Irida's wedding portfolio here

Stephen - Associate Photographer

Whether it's through authentic interaction with his subjects, anticipating the decisive moment to take a photograph, or observing and documenting both the 'big picture' and the important details - Stephen excels as a visual storyteller. In addition to capturing weddings, you can find Stephen working behind the scenes on commercial and editorial jobs. In this digital age, he is also an avid fan of film photography and large prints. Stephen holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications Technology and worked in motion picture and television before finding his passion in photography. Stephen has photographed over 85 weddings in his career.

You can view Stephen's wedding portfolio here

Seiichi - Second Shooter

Seiichi got his start in photography through the unconventional means of music. He started working professionally as an in-house photographer for a music recording studio in his home state of NJ, where he shot music videos, press photos, and album covers for bands. Seiichi has been shooting weddings professionally now for the past 3 years. "It's a challenge to tell a clear, concise, layered story in one frame and that is constantly pushing me to grow, and what better story to get to tell than that of someone’s wedding day. I love what I do.” Seiichi is the newest addition to our team and is cultivating his knowledge, skill and experience as an up and coming wedding photographer, working alongside Stephen, Irida and myself. His portfolio will come online once he takes the next step upwards into an Associate Photographer role, which we expect in the beginning of 2018. 

Rates: $55/hr Minimum 2 Hours

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