Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is the  culmination of so many things. Firstly, it comes from a place of love. It matures into concrete ideas, then comes the months of planning, coordination and styling. So many moving pieces, decisions, creative ideas, talented designers, artists, musicians, friends and family all coming together, it's a whirlwind! 

From all of this energy, inspired and created by love, comes your one of a kind  wedding story. That's where I come in. I'm here to wrap my mind around all the energy you bundled together to celebrate your love for one another, apply my creative eye, and deliver a beautiful visual story that you will rejoice in forever. It is your first family heirloom, honoring one of the most important days of your life. 

I limit myself to 24 weddings per year. Providing my clients with the attention and focus they deserve is important to me, so  I encourage you to inquire early if you have a connection to my  work, and I look forward to getting to know you both!

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- Color adjusted, high-resolution, individually processed images

- Second Photographer available

- Polaroids snapped throughout the day for you to keep

- Full wedding delivery within 4-5 weeks

- Sneak peek photos within 7 days of the wedding

- Private online gallery with embedded print lab

- Print release extended to bride and groom

- Free download of your high resolution images

Pricing starts at $5500 for 8 hours while most of my clients spend around $7,000 and up

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Engagement sessions  reflect your personalities at this stage of your lives together. We collaborate on a concept that expresses who you are as a couple, selecting locations and wardrobe that illustrate the interests you share.This is not a 'photo session' in the classic sense, but a personal adventure! I simply help direct and frame the story.

Engagement portraits are likely to spend a lifetime framed on your desk at work, hanging  on a wall in your home, and should you have children, they will know that you were once young, hip, and cool, even if they do question your outdated wardrobe choices.

Pricing starts at $900

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Looking for a more subdued, low-key affair where it's just you, maybe a handful of family and friends, and me? I got you. Elopements come with a sense of romanticism and emotion that resonates deep. It's a feeling, a vibration,  an acute connection to those around you,   of quiet solitude, and of deep, profound love.  I blend in  and photograph this experience as a photojournalist, with an intimate portrait session (or not, up to you).  Everything else is the same as a wedding. I delivery quality, not quantity - I'm there translate your vision into a visual love story you'll cherish forever. 

Pricing starts at $2000



One of the greatest gifts you can give to your future fiance is a set of romantic, emotionally raw and powerful photos from your proposal. You will forever have a photo in your home of that precise moment when you committed to each other for the rest of your life.

I help you plan, advise on locations, and arrive early at the location to text you with last-minute advice. I blend in, look inconspicuous and photograph events as they happen.  Once you're engaged and the tears of joy begin to subside, I reveal my identity to your new fiance and we then proceed with a mini-shoot, much like a traditional Engagement session.

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A wedding album is your first true keepsake as a couple together, as it will be passed down from one generation to the next. The joy you may experience when flipping through your parents' or grandparents' wedding album is a gift that is truly timeless. It is an investment you and generations to come will cherish forever.

We collaborate together in photo selection, review the virtual album via 'cloud proofing', and select from a wide variety of materials to custom design your album to your specification. There are no surprises, you will know exactly what your album design looks like before we send to the printer.Parent albums are discounted from the Heirloom albums. It is a duplicate copy of the heirloom album, designed and curated by Fitz Carlile in collaboration with my clients with every album photo fully retouched. 


Destination Weddings

I frequently travel for weddings. The opportunity to travel outside of Southern California to locations that offer uniquely different geographies, venues, cultures and climates inspires my creative mind to look through the lens with a fresh and exciting perspective. Additional travel and lodging fees apply based on location. 

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